Resignation of Amanda Barge

At the Democracy for Monroe County Link-Up on April 4, DFMC members in attendance voted to call for Amanda Barge to resign as County Commissioner with a 75% majority vote.

As outlined in the IDS and other news sources since, her alleged actions against a county contractor, Brandon Drake, committed while she was serving in her capacity as County Commissioner and while she had leverage over this contractor, suggested that she is unfit for the position.

While we are glad that she has resigned as of Monday, April 8, we also urge Ms. Barge to engage in restorative justice, to take responsibility for her actions, as outlined by Mr. Drake, and to call for a halt to the public attacks against him. We also ask her to clarify that she will not accept the Mayoral nomination should she receive the most votes in the primary election.

DFMC stands against abuses of power, and encourages the community to come together to support the voices of survivors. We also urge the County and the City to enact legislation to protect all contracted employees.

If you or someone you has experienced sexual harassment or sexual violence, there is always a nonjudgmental and compassionate, listening ear on Middle Way House’s 24-hour, 7-days a week Crisis Line: (812) 336-0846.