About Us

Democracy for Monroe County (DFMC) is an independent grassroots political action organization, dedicated to supporting progressive policies at the local, state, and federal levels, and candidates who support those policies. DFMC is not affiliated with any political party – Democratic, Republican, or otherwise.  We are, however, part of a nationwide coalition of grassroots organizations allied with Our Revolution. We meet every month for educational programs on important topics such as a community climate action plan, fair redistricting, Medicare for All, and more.


DFMC is dedicated to:

  • advocating progressive policies through political action and education in order to uplift our community towards racial, economic, and environmental justice;
  • acting in alliance with other progressive groups and elected officials to strengthen our community by promoting bold progressive policies, including Medicare for All, a living wage for all, a Green New Deal to fight climate change, free and public education, trade school, and college, strong trade unions, and investment in expanded social safety nets at all levels;
  • challenging any candidate or elected official who fails to move our community toward the goals outlined above; and
  • identifying socially and economically progressive candidates within our community who have been empowered through education, training, and political action to run for office at all levels of government,