DFMC 2016 Officer Elections – Ballot

The following members have declared their candidacy for Office and Board of Democracy for Monroe County. This is the ballot that will be printed, but write-in and last-minute candidacies are still allowed. Anyone may choose to run for Office or Board at any time before the election at the Linkup on Thursday. We will leave spaces for such write-in candidates.

Absentee Voting is now CLOSED.

Officers (vote for no more than one each)

DFMC Chair

  • Robert Deppert
  • Chaim Julian


  • Larry Barker


  • Mike Drescher


  • Scott Wells

DFMC Board (Vote for no more than 12.)

(You should also cast a vote here for any candidates you selected above, in the event that they do not win office but still wish to serve on the Board.)

  • Andrea Haynes Avery
  • James Avery
  • Larry Barker
  • Robert Deppert
  • Mike Drescher
  • Rita Drescher
  • Tom Duffy
  • Kevin Easton
  • Trohn Enright-Randolph
  • Kaisa Goodman
  • Shawn Harris
  • Mark Hazelbaker
  • Maryll Jones
  • Chaim Julian
  • Carole Scifres
  • Scott Wells


January Link-Up – Elections!

Join DFMC on January 7th as we elect new officers and Board members

DFMC’s January link up meeting is traditionally focused on our internal election for our Officers and Board of Directors. We have been urging people to assume a leadership role in the organization and now is the time to declare your intentions! There are a few requirements:
  • If you are interested in running for Chair, you must have been a dues-paying member of DFMC for two years.
  • If you are interested in running for Vice-Chair, Treasurer, or Secretary, you must have been a dues-paying member of DFMC for one year.
  • If you are interested in running for the board, you must be a current member.

You must notify the board of your intent to run by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, 06 January 2016, for your name to appear on the ballot. Please send an email to webmaster@democracyformonroecounty.org announcing your intention by this date and time. We will leave spaces on the ballot for late-filing and write-in candidates.

On Thursday the 7th, at the LinkUp, we will distribute ballots to current members.  (New members must have paid their dues by 08 December 2015, and current members must renew their dues for 2016 by the 7th of January before the Linkup, to be eligible to vote.) As a candidate, you will be allowed three minutes to “campaign” or make your case at the January board meeting. We will allow five minutes for questions and answers. After all candidates have had the opportunity to speak and respond to questions, ballots will be collected and counted by board members not currently running for DFMC Office.

Since we allowed for absentee voting on endorsements earlier this year, we will continue that practice for 2016 Officer and Board elections. Absentee votes must be received via email to webmaster@democracyformonroecounty.org by noon on Thursday January 7th in order to be counted. A follow-up email will be sent Wednesday evening with a list of all declared candidates for Office and Board.

As usual, we meet at 6pm to order food and drinks, and will begin our program about 6:30, at Bobby’s Colorado Steakhouse on North College Avenue.